Kazami Ranki: ”Hard Chastisement of a Masochist” (2017)

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Kazami Ranki: 極限マゾ折檻  [Hard Chastisement of a Masochist]  (2017)

This is number one in a new ”True Sadist”-series by Sanwa. The photos, while often involving rope, also show whipping, kicking, strangulation through hanging, needle play, humiliation play etc. The included DVD has more of the same, but also some rather rope-centric scenes.

ISBN: 978-4-7769-1675-8


Shima Shikou: Special issue of SM Spirit (1991)

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Shima Shikou: Special issue of SM Spirit (1991) Nekketsu nyotai chokyo ”BEST 20”

Again, a thick photo-book with many outdoor scenes. A special issue of the magazine SMスピリッツ from January 1991. Also many photos of outdoor blowjobs, enema play etc that I have chosen not to include here.

Shima Shikou: Tales of a Masochist Woman (1990)

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bild 3-1.JPGbild 4-1.JPGbild 5-1.JPGss tut3.JPGss tut1.JPGShima Shikou: マゾ女性の獲得術、教えます [Tales of a Masochist Woman] (1990)

Sanwa Mook No. 66

This is a thick photo-book with many outdoor-scenes, typical for Shima Shikou.

It also contains a number of tutorial pages.

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Shima Shikou 2006

Shima Shikou in ”Specialist S&M”  (1982 and 1983)

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Shima Shikou in スペシャリーS&M,  No. 26 (1982) and No. 29 (1983)

Shima Shikou has been around for a long time on the Japanese S&M scene. I have posted earlier about an issue of Sun & Moon from 1977 that features an article signed Shima Shikou. I have now updated that post with some of the photos. Here is a link:


In this post, I share some photos of a tutorial by Shima Shikou in the magazine Specialist S&M  (スペシャリーS&M ) from 1983. (There is a tutorial also in the issue from 1982, but I found this one the most interesting.)

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Erisa Satoh: Tristes Tropiques: Akira Naka’s Blue


bild 1bild 2bild 3Erisa Satoh: 哀しき熱帯 奈加あきらの⾭ [Tristes Tropiques: Akira Naka’s Blue]

This booklet is a rare photographic exploration of kinbaku. Not focussed on the tied up person (although they are visible in some photos), also not focused on the interaction between the person tying and the person being tied (which was often the case in Erisa Satoh’s previous book) – but instead the focus is singularly on the tying person, Naka Akira, in a certain… blue… mood.

A very beautiful project.

See my earlier post on Erisa Satoh’s previous book wih Naka here:


Erisa Satoh’s website: www.studio-eripsycho.com

Publisher: 撞着社, 2017

ISBN: 978-4-909126-00-9

Naka Akira: Shibari to Seme (2017)

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Naka Akira: 縛りと責め [Shibari to Seme]

This book is a kind of repackaging of vintage material. It offers stills from sixteen videos that Naka Akira did in collaboration with the director 夢流ZOU, from 2002 to 2008, most of them from the original ”Nawa Etsu”-series (”Rope Joy”), all earlier published by Art Video. In addition to the photo-book, there is included a DVD with two and a half hours of material, cut from eleven of the films. Master ‘K’ once included this series of ”The 10 best Kinbaku films and Videos ever produced” – In my view, there is no doubt that they belong there. Link: http://www.thebeautyofkinbaku.com/kinbakuandartchap8pt2.html

Publisher: Sanwa, 2017

ISBN: 978-4-7769-1688-8

Osada Eikichi: ”My SM itinerary”, in SM Mania No. 8–12 (1996)

Sm Mania Eikcihi covers.JPG

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Osada Eikichi: ”My SM itinerary”, in SM Mania No. 8–12, 1996

In 1996, the magazine SMマニア published a series of articles about Osada Eikichi’s life of SM, illustrated with photos in black and white.

I have made an earlier post about issue No. 10 here: