Minomura Kou: Poems in SM Kitan (1979 and 1980)

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SM Kitan was an SM magazine published 1975–1980, with lots of high-quality materials. We will be returning to it here on the blog.

In this post, I want to share some poetic texts written by Minomura Kou, accompanied by an illustration (also by Minomura). This was a recurring feature in the magazine. The material I have chosen is from SM Kitan issues #9, #10, #12 (1979), and #1 (1980).

The translations are done by rish. THANK YOU again!


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Hey, one more time 
Terribly sweaty all over the body
Sticky and slimy wet
Never experienced such cruel things
Being pinched and hit…
Being tickled and hurt…
You played around with me mercilessly
You were great tonight
Manly and violent…
Ah, that’s why I was on fire
It was good, it made me go crazy
Hey, mess me up like that one more time



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Rope-love blues

Ah, the rope… the friction…

If I move my hips even a little

It presses hard on my embarrassing spot

It’s painful…

It’s very tight

”Getting wet, right?”

Please don’t say such embarrassing things

You know I’m very sensitive

You are mean, such a cruel person

Please remove the rope already

No, I want you

Please torment me more with your body!


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Sweet cry
Hey, forgive me… Be patient with me…
The arms hurts… and it stops the blood
The tips of the fingers are getting cold
Tops of the boobs too
You treated me so violently
I am throbbing, aching
Hey, it’s enough now, right
It’s hard… and painful…
No, it’s not that I dislike it
It’s not that I dislike it but now, now…
Hold me
Hey, please hold me…


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The cry frowned upon
Ah, don’t look
Don’t look at me so much
You do know that I’m shy
You are mean, looking at me from behind
The touch of your breath tickles me
Oh, don’t touch
No, no, no…
I’m too loud, you say, but it’s impossible not to
Because you are too good
Yes, there, harder
Ah, you may, you may look


– Translations by rish, commissioned and edited by Bergborg / KinbakuBooks


Yukimura Haruki: Scent of Immorality (1985)

The text and photos below are taken from a magazine called ”Monthly Knockup”, published in Osaka. It contains mainly advertisments for sexual services (with phone-numbers and prices). From 1985, it is the earliest publication I have found featuring material using the name of Yukimura Haruki (雪村春樹).

Thank you inid for your work with the translation!

For some previous posts about Yukimura here on the blog, see: https://kinbakubooks.wordpress.com/category/yukimura-haruki/


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Scent of Immorality – The Story of a Woman

by Yukimura Haruki (Text and Photo)

From the magazine 月刊ノックアップ  [”Monthly KNOCKUP”]

Issue 3, 1985

”The Art of SM Hunting” Serial Story, No. 6

Last spring, I met a woman for taking pictures. Because I got introduced to her through an acquaintance, I hadn’t yet heard any details of her background. Judging by her looks, she was just an ordinary girl, approximately 20 years old – generally she gave an impression that she had nothing to do with SM. First, I got her naked and peered through the lens of my camera. I guessed that she hadn’t had much experience with men, as the shape of her body seemed like it had hardly yet reached full maturity. Why did such a girl have an interest in SM?

Since I had agreed not to question her about private matters, I tried to keep the conversation harmless.

“You look young, since when have you been interested in SM?”

“I guess I was on the third grade of middle school [i.e. 14–15 years old] when I first heard about SM. A boy in my class showed me a magazine.”

“So, you’ve been interested ever since?”

“Not really. Umm, it was more like I thought about whether it would feel good doing those kinds of things.”

“Had you already had your first experiences?”

“Not at all. I was a late bloomer so I didn’t lose my virginity until after I had graduated high school.”

“And when did you first try SM-play?”

“I guess about a year ago. My boyfriend at the time was crazy about SM and said he would break up with me if I didn’t do it, so I kind of had to.”

“What type of play did you do?”

“He would tie me with ropes, shove adult toys in me… different kinds of things.”

“How did it make you feel?”

“At first I really hated it because it was only painful, but he really liked it and after doing it a few times I started getting it.”

“So, you prefer being the one getting tormented? I mean, are you a masochist?”

“Yes. I don’t really like torturing men. What a pity, ha ha.”

“Do you also get excited through regular sex?”

“Yes, I do. But right now, I only do SM.”

“Well, I’ll soon take some pictures, so let’s get ready. Today I‘ll do some simple bondage [karui shibari] with you.”

We talked in this manner and started taking pictures. As expected, when I tied her, she was somewhat startled and the air was charged with tension. Of course, you could think it was because she wasn’t with her usual partner, but with me, a stranger. But no, rather, it was the situation itself that had a sense of novelty, and that made her really ashamed. As she was showing signs of hesitation, I asked her to make a daring pose.

“Can you spread your ass a little bit more? Move your legs further apart.”

“I don’t like that! I can’t do it, it’s embarrassing.”

“You’re too aware of the camera. Maybe thinking of your boyfriend tormenting you could make it easier?”

“How should I do it?”

“Open your legs fully.”

I pulled the rope running through her crotch, letting it bite even deeper into her genitalia.

“Aa… aa… it hurts! Please be gentle.”

She wiggled her ass. It seemed that she was starting to get the feeling.

“Got it, OK! Now, should we try to change the pose?”

“Wha-what are you gonna do? Fa-fast…”

She was getting more and more excited and while still being a little overwhelmed by her demeanor, I finished the job.

This is something I often think about: It seems to me that women somehow have a stronger obsession to explore sexuality, compared to men. What do you readers think?


Translation: inid



Akechi Denki: An illustrated lesson in tying (1997)

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Akechi Denki: An illustrated lesson in tying, in  別冊宝島  変態さんがいく2  (1997)

This publication contains a lot of interesting material, including a report from one of Akechi Denki’s performances at Loft Plus One. For this blogpost, I have chosen to share a rare item: A tutorial by Akechi.

A great THANK YOU to rish for the translation, and to two Danish friends of the blog for their recent donations. To keep this blog going, I ask all readers to please consider making a donation, however small. Details here:




 Akechi Denki: An illustrated lesson in tying

It’s easy! One can do so much with only seven (?!) meters of rope

A lesson for this magazine by the great expert Akechi Denki

Teacher: Akechi Denki / Model: Shiroishi Yukimi /  Illustration: Sakurai Yukinori / Layout: The editorial department

We most often associate SM with candles and whips, but there is also the world of shibari and kinbaku. Tying [shibari] had many functions in ancient times. The technique of capture-rope [hobakujutsu, 捕縛術] is of course one of the famous capturing arts [torimonochou, 捕物帳]. But in addition to the techniques of tying for capture there is also a tying with the purpose of making the tied-up person beautiful. It may seem strange to call tying people up an art-form, but in recent years Japanese kinbaku-jutsu has even been acknowledged and praised in the West, and some bakushi have been invited to do performances.

The following is a short introduction to this Japanese rope art that has become world-famous. There are tutorials on how to tie [shibarikata] in SM magazines from time to time, but it is very hard to explain only through the pages of a magazine.

This time I will present some basic techniques for couples: the ”hands behind the back tie” [‘ushiro te shibari’, 後ろ手縛り], which can be combined with a ”sitting cross-legged tie” [‘agura shibari’, 胡座縛り], and the simplest one – the ”racoon tie” [‘tanuki shibari’ , 狸縛り]. Tanuki shibari also goes by another name, the ”beast tie” [‘kemono shibari’, 獣縛り], as it was developed by hunters carrying their prey home.

First, you need to get 7–8 meters of rope. You can buy rope at the craft shop. There are several colours to choose from such as red, white, and black and more. I recommend getting rope with a diameter of 6 or 7 mm. However, if you are planning on doing suspensions in the future, I would recommend getting rope with a diameter of 9 mm and with a reinforced core.

Make knots at the ends of the rope, and then fold it in half. These approximately three and a half meters of doubled-up rope is your tool. You should be able to do it if you practice enough.

Tie your girlfriend or boyfriend so that they cannot move their arms and legs, but take care to do it with empathy. Don’t tie the ropes tighter than necessary, because it can lead to blood congestion. If you have done it properly, the ropes will be loose but the tied-up person will not be able to release their limbs.

These ties can also be combined to create the ”prawn” torture-tie [‘ebizeme’]. Once you’ve gotten used to these ties, you can also try ”kikkou shibari”, ”udemakura shibari”, ”teppou shibari” etc, but the basics are what is most important. If you have your partner lie with their face on to the ground while bound in an ”agura shibari” or ”tanuki shibari” you can have doggy style sex. However, it is quite painful being tied up lying with your face down, so it is important to be able to quickly untie the ropes when needed. As the hands and feet are set free, a pleasurable feeling of relaxation sets in. This is a key to SM.

Some concluding words: I have chosen to present these basic techniques for beginner couples that want to experiment. Never use these techniques without your partner’s consent and don’t do anything that could be considered a crime. Do not do any of this if you can’t take responsibility for your own actions.

foto på rygg.JPG

Tanuki shibari

  1. Wrap the rope around the left ankle and wrist three times, leave around 20–30 cm of rope.
  2. Take the excess 20–30 cm rope and pass it over.
  3. Chinch the whole cuff.
  4. Gently pull at both rope ends and make sure that it isn’t too loose nor too tight.
  5. Make a knot, change direction and make a second knot.
  6. Pull the longer end of the rope and check that the knot is stable. Tie the other ankle and wrist the same way.

As you can see in the illustrations, ”tanuki shibari” is very simple. You don’t have to tie many knots. It won’t loosen and you will be able to do it very quickly once you have gotten used to it.


foto tk.JPG

Ushiro te shibari

  1. Put the arms behind the back and wrap the rope twice around the middle part of the arms.
  2. Let the long end of the rope hang vertically, and do the wrapping with the short end of the rope.
  3. Next, take the short end and wrap it around everything to make a knot
  4. Take the long rope end and wrap it twice above the breasts.
  5. In the back, pull the rope through like in the illustration and adjust the tightness.
  6. Put your finger between the rope and the upper arm and dress the ropes. Make sure you have not tied too tightly.
  7. Fixate the short end of the rope by pulling it up and wrapping the long end around it.
  8. Adjust the balance between the rope tied above the breasts and arms.
  9. Wind the excess rope so that there is equally much rope on each side (left and right).
  10. Tie off the rope so that the rope ends are of the same length.

”Ushiro te shibari” is a basic way to tie the arms. When well balanced in tension and symmetry, it is quite beautiful. Also, it is a very good exercise for learning how to tie with the right tension just above the breasts.


foto ebi zeme.JPG

Agura shibari

  1. Have your partner sit cross-legged and wrap the rope three times around the ankles.
  2. Go around and fixate the cuff. Make sure it is not too tight.
  3. Make a knot. Pull the rope and check that the knot is stable.
  4. Have the knot in front of you and pull upwards.
  5. Pull the rope from the front to back over the shoulder.
  6. Pull the rope through under the knot you made for the ”ushiro te shibari”. Pull the rope to the front of the body again via the other shoulder.
  7. Pull the rope through the cuff you tied for the ankles and use the rope adjust the distance between the legs and the upper body.
  8. Wind the excess rope around the vertical rope to make it pretty.

The combination of ‘ushiro te shibari’ and ‘agura shibari’ is often used in old pictures of ‘ebizeme’. With this technique, you are completely restricting the mobility of the tied-up person. If you up pull up both knees, you can easily make your partner lie on their back, and if he or she is made to lie face down, they are really completely immobilized.


foto ebi med akechi.JPG

foto face down doggy.JPG


Translated by rish, commissioned and edited by Bergborg / KinbakuBooks

Naka Akira & Hourai Kasumi & Sugiura Norio: Itoh Seiu edition (2017)


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Naka Akira & Hourai Kasumi & Sugiura Norio: Itoh Seiu edition (2017)

極私的緊縛野史 蓬莱かすみ 第二弾 (伊藤晴雨編)

This is the second photo-project released by Sugiura, with Naka tying Hourai Kasumi.

This time, they have taken special inspiration from Itoh Seiu.

See my post about the first one here.

A B5-size booklet with fantastic photographs, and a 95 minutes DVD. You can see a short clip on Sugiura’s website here: http://www.sugiuranorio.tv/top/products/detail.php?product_id=1814

This is VERY powerful material, a meeting between kinbaku-masters, seeking beauty in suffering, honouring the late Itoh.

This is a limited edition publication. I was happy to get it directly from Hourai Kasumi during her workshop in Paris this Spring with her signature on the cover.

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Akechi Denki: ”Complete works of Cinemagic” (2001)

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Akechi Denki: ”Complete works of Cinemagic” (2001)

喪服奴隷コレクション [Mourning slave collection]

This is a photo-book with material from Cinemagic, a video company founded in 1983, that was run for many years by Yoshimura Shoichi, and that was very influental for the S&M-VHS boom during the 1990s.

Akechi Denki did many VHS-videos with Cinemagic (some of which have later been released on DVD). This book has a wealth of photos from this collaboration.

Publisher: Sanwa, 2001

ISBN: 978-4-8835-6830-7

This book was included in Osada Steve’s generous donation. Thank you again!